Why do Start-ups and

Investors love us?

Tech companies love technology and are sometimes challenged to make a finished product to get revenue

Tech Business Builders injects missing expertise and experience to start-ups with short and intense strategy power sessions







Engage customers to make better products

Strategy Boosters

Are intense masterclass sessions where we co-work with Start-ups to solve a certain product, strategy, market or positioning challenge of the product creation process

  • 60 & 90 minute focus sessions
  • Applying simple analytics in a data model with consistency and discipline
  • Instant and accuracy focused

Accelerators and Incubators use the Tech Business Builders Strategy Boosters offering start-ups strategic guidance and focus.

Problem Solution Fit

Verifying and establishing consistency between customer challenges and solutions leading to a product

Beachhead Market

Understanding to select which market to offer first and develop the route to adjacent markets

Value Proposition

Finding the right content and position of your product for target customers and among competitors .

Power of 1

Understanding and developing the main thread and strategic offering of of your business

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a validated innovation in one week

Intensive workshop lead by TBB to create a product model or prototype for customer validation.

Startup Leaders, Accelerators, Incubators and Enterprises seeking fast track customer validation for an idea or innovation.

  • 1 week, effective 32 hours power workshop
  • Applying the all steps of the product creation process , including analytics and data model
  • Focussing on accuracy and efficiency

a market ready product in 90 Days

When there is not sufficient time, expertise or experience available to make a market ready product, we execute a 12 week program where we guide and co-work with the company to create a revenue generating product.

  • Weekly 2-3 hour focus sessions
  • Applying the full product creation process developing a data model and customer validated product
  • Focussing on efficiency and revenue generation

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Tech Business Builder Product Creation


  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Discipline


  • Accurate in results
  • Hands-on execution
  • Efficient in time

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